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Set in the Half-Life universe, Resurgence deploys you in shoes of Jack Carter: a young member of rebellion who just escaped death from Nova Prospekt. Now reunited with his old friends in City 37, he joins the local resistance to fight aganist remaining Combine forces. The goal is to wipe out the remaining Combine forces from the surface of the earth, but as it turns out the victory might not be as easy to achieve as expected.


With over 30 weapons available, Resurgence allows you to play the way you want. Subtle customization is going to let you personalize your equipment to your needs. Supply Crates scattered across the maps are going to let you to fix your loadout during the campaign, and refill your ammunition. Play the game and complete Rebel's Duty tasks to unlock more gear for your supply crate.


Help the rebels waging the war aganist Combine Overwatch through additional side missions. Complete side missions in order to unlock better equipment for your loadout options. Look out for the rebels calling for the help while playing the campaign. Or you can always ignore their calls and move forward without the reward, it's up to you.


Resurgence brings a lot of new and modern features to its universe, but we do not forget about keeping the oldschool part of it. There are no magic icons telling you where to go, you will have to find medkits to boost your health back to full value, there will be classic Half-Life style puzzles and a lot more! On top of that, there's a couple off-the-rails sections in the game, so it will be up to you which path you want to take - go loud or sneak around? Or perhaps both - it will be all your choice.