About Me

Hello, my name is Jack and welcome to this little hub. I’m a developer and a content creator, primarily dabbling in the medium of video games.

Game Development

My journey with level design began around 2003 when I created my first level for Wolfenstein 3D. From there, I moved on to learn the basics of Valve Hammer Editor (then known as Worldcraft) and got increasingly interested in the art of creating custom maps for video games.

Eventually, my interest in level design had broadened and I started to experiment with modding. It led to the formation of what would become known as Black Phoenix, with the dramatic and ever-lasting development of our Source mod project – Resurgence. In that experience, through trial and error, I have learned a great deal about leadership and game development as a self-taught content creator.

Level Design

Over the years I have developed a handful of maps, dipping my toes in both singleplayer, coop and multiplayer level design. Many of my old maps were lost to time and depths of the internet, however you can explore my mapping portfolio that includes the most recent designs by following the link below.


I’ve always been an avid consumer of music, especially instrumental soundtracks from movies, tv shows, video games, etc.

Eventually, I began crafting and publishing my own mixes made from raw in-game files which aimed to be of a quality similar to the one you would expect from an official album. In 2021 I started composing my own music, with [REDACTED] being the first successful track

Video Content

Since mid-2021 I have begun publishing various videos related to game lore, concepts and other types of video content (more can be found on my main channel)

Virtual Photography

As both a developer and a consumer, I have an appreciation for the art of video games which often prompts me to capture virtual environments and situations.

Here is some of my selected work from various games (full albums can be found on my DeviatArt page)

Community Management

In early 2019 I had founded a Discord server dedicated to Wolfenstein franchise and served as its admin until late 2021. In the process, I’ve learned a great deal about managing a community and moderation. I’m currently serving as the admin of the Black Phoenix server and its community.