Guten tag, we’re jumping straight to rather unsurprising and quite technical news today.

This year’s August update is not going to be very exciting, as you may know we’ve been teasing a big update for the past 2 years. Originally, our hopes were to release it earlier in 2019, however as you can imagine things got in the way and we moved it to late 2019. And in a completely (not) shocking manner, we have made a decision to postpone it yet again.

The reason is simple: as you may remember from one of our earlier posts, the current iteration of Resurgence has been in development since early 2017. Our team hasn’t really pushed to promote the game in any capacity ever since, as most of our focus was on exploring different avenues of what we wanted to go with the game and we’re still working on some experimental features which may play a bigger role in the game’s meta than we thought. Obviously, we still had a presence on ModDb and our studio blog where we posted updates to all of you who are kind enough to still support us throughout the years but the project was never promoted outside of these circles. The Grand Update is not only a big event which is going to introduce you to the current vision we have for this game, but also our first opportunity in years to let a wider audience know about its existence, and you know what they say – first impression is the most important one. For that matter, we’re still working on core content of the game which needs to be polished enough to properly represent what you will be able to expect from the final product.

As of now we are not going to say when exactly the Grand Update is planned to occur, as we don’t want to disappoint you again by postponing it for 4th time in a row. We do have a target date in Q1 2020 we’re aiming for which seems reasonable from our perspective but we’re going to post a brief update here to let you know when exactly we’re planning to host the event once we’re going to have the date 100% locked and we’ll be absolutely sure of it.

Finally, I want to talk briefly again about what this update is going to bring and what direction we’re taking with this entire project. For starters, I want to make it clear that the Grand Update is NOT the launch of the game. It is a big, beefy update which is you can treat basically as re-reveal with proper details and up-close look at what you can expect from this game (we have some really cool stuff in store) In regards of Resurgence Anthology itself, we have emphasized it in the past but I want to do it again just in case: the game we’re making is NOT a regular Half-Life 2 mod. The game is set in the universe of Half-Life, yes – but the gameplay, atmosphere, story and the general direction we’re taking with this project is completely different. There are lot of absolutely amazing HL2 mods which recapture what made the original Valve game great, but we’re not doing that. Resurgence is a different entity and while it still has some of that Half-Life DNA, it is largely a completely new and different take on the HL universe. We are not planning to interfere with any of the established canon, so the locations, characters and storylines are completely unrelated to events of Half-Life aside from the fact that take place within the same world (and let me tell you, we’re doing our own fair bit of worldbuilding in this game, wink wink)

This is it for today. Thanks for reading and your support so far! We’ll let you know as soon as we’re going to have a Grand Update date set in stone, in the meantime, have a nice day!

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