Inevitable of all kinds

Guten tag, we're jumping straight to rather unsurprising and quite technical news today.

This year's August update is not going to be very exciting, as you may know we've been teasing a big update for the past 2 years. Originally, our hopes were to release it earlier in 2019, however as you can imagine things got in the way and we moved it to late 2019. And in a completely (not) shocking manner, we have made a decision to postpone it yet again.

The reason is simple: as you may remember from one of our earlier posts, the current iteration of Resurgence has been in development since early 2017. Our team hasn't really pushed to promote the game in any capacity ever since, as most of our focus was on exploring different avenues of what we wanted to go with the game and we're still working on some experimental features which may play a bigger role in the game's meta than we thought. Obviously, we still had a presence on ModDb and our studio blog where we posted updates to all of you who are kind enough to still support us throughout the years but the project was never promoted outside of these circles. The Grand Update is not only a big event which is going to introduce you to the current vision we have for this game, but also our first opportunity in years to let a wider audience know about its existence, and you know what they say - first impression is the most important one. For that matter, we're still working on core content of the game which needs to be polished enough to properly represent what you will be able to expect from the final product.

As of now we are not going to say when exactly the Grand Update is planned to occur, as we don't want to disappoint you again by postponing it for 4th time in a row. We do have a target date in Q1 2020 we're aiming for which seems reasonable from our perspective but we're going to post a brief update here to let you know when exactly we're planning to host the event once we're going to have the date 100% locked and we'll be absolutely sure of it.

Finally, I want to talk briefly again about what this update is going to bring and what direction we're taking with this entire project. For starters, I want to make it clear that the Grand Update is NOT the launch of the game. It is a big, beefy update which is you can treat basically as re-reveal with proper details and up-close look at what you can expect from this game (we have some really cool stuff in store) In regards of Resurgence Anthology itself, we have emphasized it in the past but I want to do it again just in case: the game we're making is NOT a regular Half-Life 2 mod. The game is set in the universe of Half-Life, yes - but the gameplay, atmosphere, story and the general direction we're taking with this project is completely different. There are lot of absolutely amazing HL2 mods which recapture what made the original Valve game great, but we're not doing that. Resurgence is a different entity and while it still has some of that Half-Life DNA, it is largely a completely new and different take on the HL universe. We are not planning to interfere with any of the established canon, so the locations, characters and storylines are completely unrelated to events of Half-Life aside from the fact that take place within the same world (and let me tell you, we're doing our own fair bit of worldbuilding in this game, wink wink)

This is it for today. Thanks for reading and your support so far! We'll let you know as soon as we're going to have a Grand Update date set in stone, in the meantime, have a nice day!

A new era

Hello, long time no hear. We have promised an update in the first quarter of 2019 and even though we are 1 day late, we think it was worth the wait. Let's not waste anymore time and dive into today's BEEFY update!

As you may know, we have had some struggles with development in the past but that is not the case anymore. We are happy to announce that we have been approached by Epic Games in order to bring the best out of Resurgence. Because of that we are excited to announce our most original and unique idea so far!

Yes, that's right! I bet you didn't see THAT one coming did you? We know our fans will be extremly happy about this development and since according to our long time friends at EA singleplayer games are becoming obsolete, we have decided to scrap the entire boring campaign in favor of this revolutionary gamemode. Now, you're thinking "but how is that even gonna work?"
Well, let me tell you!

Resurgence Battle Royale is going to drop you on the absolute BIGGEST map in the history of anything you have ever heard of. Utilizing the latest version of Source Engine, our map stretches to whopping 250sq meters (whoa!) Don't worry, it won't make your computers explode as it is specifically designed and optimized for the latest generation Intel integrated video cards (another sponsor!)
The game will drop you and another 126 players into this map, full of danger and excitement you have never even dreamed of. Need a gun to kill your enemies with? Easy, just climb up a tree and use your Loot Crate key in order to access exciting loot (keys will be sold as microtransaction). Need a ride? Easy, just jump on a tricycle bike and run over your enemies with it. Need friends to play with? Don't worry, our Battle Royale is the first ever to exclusivly pitch you against a variety of bots! You don't need those filthy humans to ruins your experience, am I right?

On top of that, we are going to grace you with unbeliveably extensive customization options. Now you can be whoever you always wanted to be! So good! You can customize the look of individual bots aswell, available only if you pre-prepurchase our Ultimate Deluxe Premium Elite Uber Edition, available now for only $299.99! If you are going to place your order within next 15 minutes, we are going to add a stainless steel pan FOR FREE!

Resurgence Battle Royale will premiere on June 31st exclusively on Epic Games Store. If you want to get most of the game, we encourage you to preorder our Ultimate Deluxe Premium Elite Uber Edition, which will provide you with access to 43 DLC packs aswell as 5 Resurcoins (our real money ingame currency which you can buy cosmetic items with). Thank you for your attention and we hope to see you in the battle (or at least the bots do)

In all seriousness now, our team has expanded a bit since the last blog post (we not a skeleton crew anymore, now we're just a big bigger than a skeleton crew!) and we are happy to report that the development is going fairly well. We do not have any major announcements as of right now, and we know that we teased a very big update for over a year now... we were hoping to make it happen in the first half of this year but it might be pushed back a little bit as we are still working on some things which require polishing before we can share it with you. One word of clarification we want to make though: the big update that is coming is NOT a premiere of the game. Think of it more as a re-reveal where we are going to give you some proper details about the final iteration of Resurgence which we are working on since 2017, aswell as some new media. One thing I can say for sure: even tho I do not like hyping things up or being overly confident, I think that it is safe to say the this update might be a solid contender for the biggest pre-release community update in the history of Half-Life modding (or maybe even game modding in general, who knows?)
We are going to let you know ahead of time when we will be planning to release this update, but for now thanks for sticking around and have a nice day!


Another year means time for another yearly august update. We've got some important (and as per usual, bittersweet) announcements to share with you, so let's jump straight to it.

As we have talked over the history of Resurgence and its development last year, we used to have a habit of being overambitious which is why most projects go down. Despite having a very tiny team, we have decided to persist and keep this project alive. However it didn't happen without some sacrifices, as we started cutting content and refining our ideas to make the game shorter and more manable to develop for such a small team. It didn't take long to realize that if we kept cutting so much content, soon enough Resurgence would become merely a shell of its former self. After some disussing we've finally made a decision which was floating around for a few years now. So, we are a bit heart broken to announce that Resurgence will not premiere in its originally intended full-game standalone format. Instead, we are switching to an episodic format - say hello to Antology - a five-part game set in the universe of Half-Life which will take you on the journey surrounding the Uprising of City 37 with each of the episodes providing a different point of few on the conflict.

Each episode serves as a short story complete with their own protagonists, different settings, themes and gameplay opporunities. This way we will be able to handle the amount of content we want to provide without worrying about being stuck in the development hell for another 6 years. At this moment we are not quite ready to talk about details regarding each episode, but we will share more information in the upcoming update. What we can say is that we have some fairly cool things up our sleeve, and with the new format we will be able to experiment with some gameplay features which will make each episode a bit different and add more variety to the gameplay. Also, it is worth mentioning that this format will allow us to react to your experiences with the game and adjust the future episodes based on the reception. Everything has a silver lining in the end, right?

Oh, and in case you were wondering what happened to our side project - Resurgence: The Union - then don't worry. The Union has been merged with Resurgence and will premiere as one of the episodes.


Also, we'd like to apologize for the lack of the grand-sized update we promised last year. Though we've been piling up the content for it in the past 18 months, there are still a few missing puzzle pieces we need to get done before the content we want to share with you could be considered polished enough to show off. The Grand Update which is going to provide a proper insight into the newest iteration of Resurgence we've been working at since 2017 is planned to happen sometime in early 2019 - so don't worry, you won't have to wait another full 12 months to hear more from us! And because of the amount of content we've been piling up, this update is going to be absolutely gigantic. But we don't want to keep you hanging and dry until it arrives, so how about a little tease?

Thank you for your support and understanding the circumstances. We're exited to see what the future has in store, and we hope to hear your thoughts on the matter. Thanks again for sticking around and have a great day!

A look into the Past and a Glimpse into the Future

The journey related to the development of Resurgence has been long and it had many ups and downs. Today we invite you to take a trip a few years down the memory lane, explore some of its history, and possibly take a peek into the future of the project. Let's begin!

The very beginning of the adventure with Resurgence begins actually back around 2011. Coming fresh from two attempts at creating a multiplayer mod (which actually didn't go horribly wrong, but lacked specific direction and conviction from my part), a bunch of young wanna-be developers started working on their first singleplayer project. The title of the mod was The Last Bastion and it was set in the desert Ravenholm-alike island overrun by zombies after the main protagonist - Jack Carter - has been left to die in there by a villainous commander of the Combine Forces. In a nutshell, it was Dead Island meets Half-Life 2, and it died out the following year. However, as you could probably notice already, it was a seed for what would eventually become a cast of characters in the early versions of Resurgence.


Very soon after the fall of The Last Bastion, a new project arose. This time the idea was to create a singleplayer experience set in a proper HL2 universe, but with major tweaks to the gameplay via mixing up the oldschool and newschool aspects of it. Since it was loosely based on one of our previous mods - The Unknown: Source - we named it The Unknown: Resurgence but it didn't take long to abbreviate the title to the one you know today. The first iteration of it shaped up around late 2012, and this is when we first showcased it to the public.


The development didn't accelerate, however, till 2013. As you can imagine, being still relatively fresh to the world of modding beyond mappacks, the game used a lot of third-party made assets such as custom made characters from GMod (with permissions of course). Despite the weasely tactics, we managed to move forward and bring you the second trailer in 2014. Most of the content showcased in there was still under the label of the prototype, but it was already considered a working iteration of the game - to some degree, at least. The 2014 update was the first one which gained a larger attention from the audience, and it opened a lot of doors to us. The biggest take away was a wave of new people joining the project, and while most of them are gone by now, it was truly an adventure no matter of how much time we spent with each other. The inner workings were still very primitive, which was more than likely the reason of the second fallout of the Resurgence, but I think it's safe to say a lot of us learned a valuable lesson from the experience. That's what it was all about in the end - hitting the wall in order to learn what we can do and how a team should be working.


The following year of 2015 was perhaps the most important one so far. This is when we began shaping up the game from the start, with a bit better quality in mind. Most of the coding was done, we've got our first proper weapons in the game, first levels became mostly playable etc. It also certainly became clearer what we want to achieve, and as the time passed I was also able to improve the storyline quite a lot. In fact, the general premise and overall story arc of the Resurgence never really changed, but the more I've dived into the writing, the more I was able to refine and rehash some of the plot points to create a more interconnected storyline with an interesting cast of characters. It was probably the most ambitious iteration of the game, and as you may already know from our previous post, it eventually grew a bit too big. We did manage to post Reintroduction update in the same year, but it didn't take too long before we began rethinking our strategy in more serious manner.


Which brings us to the current iteration of the game. In 2016 we were dedicated to developing a standalone demo, called Resurgence: The Union, which we will get to in a second, but the development of the main Resurgence game restarted not too long before the New Year's Eve. It really feels like we came a long way and grown up in lots of ways and across many boards, and I am very happy to say that we finally took the lessons we've learned over the years and applied them to take more professional approach to our work. Since Resurgence's storyline was so big and ambitious, I decided to write an entirely new one. It still takes place in and around City 37, it still involves a lot of meaty action, but it does have a new protagonist, a new set of characters and takes place in a slightly different timeline. The original storyline of the Resurgence, however, is still part of our little sub-universe and we are definitively looking forward to telling you that story in a different format. We will be able to reveal more about that when the time is right. Now, while we are not quite ready for a proper media update just yet, we sure as hell are not going to show you only the old screenshots from the past. Some of the locations and layouts from the 2015 version were reused but reimagined to be in line with our new artstyle. Below, you can take a peek into two locations which showcase the jump in the quality of our work involving two locations you may recognize from our Hammerhead Gameplay Trailer.

And finally, we arrive in New Mexico. Resurgence: The Union took most of the previous year in terms of development, and it was an interesting time for us as a team. It can be considered sort of the transition from our old ways to the new and refined approach to work. Anyway, more about The Union. It is an interesting project, as began the development of it back in late 2015 right after the Reintroduction Update. The idea behind it was that we knew that developing Resurgence would take years, and we didn't want to make you wait for decades before you could dive into our little world. Also, I can reveal that we had a Black Mesa flashback chapter planned for the old Resurgence pretty much from the start of our adventure, so developing The Union was like killing two birds with one stone as we would develop the assets required to build the flashback chapter, and deliver you something to get a taste of Resurgence without getting the main storyline spoiled in a way. It quickly became obvious that we would restart the Resurgence from the beginning, and The Union evolved into more of a standalone expansion pack rather than a demo. We managed to sweep some new team members along the way and remaster the artstyle we've developed during the early days. What we showed you back in January 2016 was built mostly with the HL2 assets, but we spent a good chunk of the year on producing our own assets for the project, ranging from our own textures and props to the weapons. Again, below you can check out the difference between what you saw in early 2016 and how it looks like today.

This concludes our little update. As always, we are happy to welcome more people into our team, as it is pretty small and compressed at the moment. If you are interested in joining the project, then you can check out our jobs page. If you are undecided or want to know a little bit more about the final iteration of Resurgence, you can contact us via email in order to receive an access to a brief presentation of the game.

Go to Jobs page

Thanks for hanging out with us today, we are looking forward to bringing a proper grand sized update on the game to you somewhere in 2018. If you've got any questions or concerns, we encourage you to share them and we'll be happy to respond. Take care and see you around!

Ashes to Ashes, Phoenix from the Ashes

Hello, long time no see. It has been nearly two years since the last update regarding Resurgence, and a year a half since the last update overall. Today, we pass by to share some information with you regarding the past, present and the future of the series.

Our last major update was Resurgence Reintroduction, back in August 2015. While we shared some hefty content in there, a lot has changed since then. It is not the first time, and the more I think about it, the more I am astonished by how uncannily accurate the title turned out to be. Anyway, I am not going to go into the great detail of the colorful history of the development (We're saving this article for a special occasion), but our journey is a long list of ups and downs. With that being said, I do not have any regrets as a lot of us has learned a lot through practice and the project has truly evolved since I began working on it nearly 6 years ago. What we've learned is not to take failure as a defeat, but as an opportunity to not make the same mistakes twice. That's why despite these ups and downs, Resurgence is very much still alive and in (relatively) active development. What happened is that we have decided to take a much more sensible approach to it, stop being overambitious (which seems like a pretty common problem in modding) and just make the project as it should've been long time ago.

So, what that means is that we have spent a great amount of time rehashing the formula and cutting loose from all features which seemed unfitting. Aside from that, of course, we've also remastered the entire artstyle. The storyline itself has also seen a change - as a matter of fact, it has been rewritten from the ground up. What happened to the original story then? Well, that's something we're going to tell you in the next update, but all I can say is that it hasn't gone to waste. The new Resurgence is set in the same location, it might feature some of the characters from the original storyline, and it takes place before the events of the original story. And one additional detail we want to tell you... Resurgence, Resurgence: The Union and the original storyline... all of these may or may not contain puzzle pieces which will allow you to piece together the real underlying plot of the series ;)

Also, one more thing that I think I should point out again is that Resurgence - while it takes place within the universe of Half-Life - is NOT meant to give you "more of the same". The gameplay style, the atmosphere and pretty much everything we do with this project is its own thing. That's why it's called Resurgence and not Half-Life 2: Resurgence. The universe might be the same, but the gunplay, the movement and the overall way of storytelling are vastly different. Also, it is safe to say that Resurgence is going to have MUCH darker tone than what you saw in the past content and official HL games themselves. Whether it's good or bad - it will be up for you to decide.

I think that's all for today, we hope to share more news with you later this summer including some new media! Also, we're looking forward to expanding our little team so if you are a 3D artist, level designer or animation artist, we invite you to take a peek at our Jobs page. Take care and see you around, citizens!

Resurgence: The Union Reveal

Every secret is protected by a lie - welcome to Resurgence: The Union.

Yesterday we were talking about the time it takes to complete the development proccess. It is natural that you would like to get your hands on the product as soon as possible, and we also do not want to make you wait for too long. In the past couple of months we were trying to come up with a decent plan to give you a taste of the Resurgence formula without making you wait years for the full game to come out. Yesterday we have announced that Resurgence will be split into two acts, each of them coming out as soon as they will be ready to play. Today we are here with another batch of good news - you will be able to visit the universe of Resurgence much sooner!

First entry in the franchise set to be released is entitled Resurgence: The Union. It is set a couple of years before the main game events - during the infamous Resonance Cascade incident in New Mexico. Your name is Darryl Brooks and you have been stranded in the facility after being unconcious for a couple of hours and now it's entirely up to you to find a way out of the facility which is now drowning with unknown creatures, hostile soldiers and blood streaming from the dead bodies.

You are probably thinking now "But don't you have too much on your plate with the Resurgence and The Union? Are you sure it's a good idea?"
Well, The Union acts as spinoff and a demo of the main game at the same time - it will give you an idea of how the Resurgence will look like while presenting it's own short story instead of using the main game levels. Development of this little project is basically like roasting two chickens on one stick - you get to visit the universe sooner than expected and we are able to produce some of the main game assets on the way.

For more info, visit the project page - Resurgence: The Union

Have a good day and let us know what you think!

2016 Kickoff Update

Hello again,

It's been a while since the Reintroduction event, so you might have been wondering how the development is going or what we are up to overall. Here we are at last, with big news just around the corner!

Reintroduction Event has been very welcomed and it brought a lot of valuable feedback for us aswell as a couple new faces in your team. So, what we've been doing in the past couple of months? The given feedback allowed us to reconsider a few aspects of the game to make the overall experience more enjoyable. Resurgence is currently undergoing some minor improvements in the ground concept of the game, we are also very likely to redo the existing levels from scratch due to new possibilities related to our freshly hired team members.

What are the changes - well, we are doing our best to track the features which may be found obsolete or simply not needed. Sometimes less is more and we want to keep the game as clean as possible. This proccess shouldn't take long and soon enough we will be able to launch the development on full throttle. It is also worth noting that we are still looking for the new team members, if you are interested then you are more than welcome to visit the Jobs tab on our website.

Speaking of the website, we have updated the layout aswell as content of multiple pages. On top of that, a Disqus comment system have been added so now you will be able to directly share your thoughts about the topic, whether you do have a Disqus account or not.

Getting back onto the topic of Resurgence, we are aware that improving the quality aswell as development itself takes time. We want to provide you with the best quality possible for our team, but we also know that development of such a big project is going to take years. That's why we would like to announce today that Resurgence will be released in two acts (or episodes, or whatever you would like to call it) - This way you will be able to get your hands on the game much sooner. Each act of the game is going to contain 6 full chapters, and will be released accordingly to the state of the development.

That's it for today, make sure to come back tomorrow for a major announcement!

Resurgence Reintroduction Finale


We're here - the final day of Reintroduction. For those who are new here - we hope you will like what we have presented so far! Also big thanks to those who have followed the entire event with us, you guys rock! Now, you saw trailer, you heard the music, what is left on the list? Ah, of course you've got to see the game itself :) Now, before you dive into the Official Gameplay Premiere I would like to take a note: what you are going to see is a very, I mean VERY early build of the game, so naturally it might contain some imperfections. Don't worry - those will be dealt with very soon. But enough of the chit-chat! Jack "Tiger" Carter and his good friend "Viper" are fighting through the first hours of the Uprising in order to locate and reunite with their friend who went missing:

Thank you for your attention, again if you like the game feel free to join our forums and share your thoughts and findings with the others! (yes, there is a lot of intel in these materials!)

Resurgence Reintroduction Day II


Welcome back to the Reintroduction! Today we've got some musical goodness for you to listen to: a Soundtrack Preview featuring three tracks from the official score.

On top of that, we've published 10 new screenshots from the game, visit (link expired) to take a look.
See you on the final day!

Resurgence Reintroduction Day I


The long awaited Resurgence Reintroduction is now going live with Day 1! Go to Resurgence Website and check out latest info about the game, some screenshots and brand new "Rise" Trailer!

Also, if you want to stay tuned on updates and what now, make sure to join our Discussion Boards and follow us on Twitter
See you tomorrow!

Resurgence Reintroduction Announcement

A long awaited day is coming! Resurgence returns to the world of the living in August!

As some of you may know, we have experienced a major setback in development of Resurgence back in November 2014. A lot of game assets were lost inlcluding maps, but instead of giving up we decided to use that situation to our advantage. In the past couple of months we were not only rebuilding the game, but also took time and effort to make it better and fix the development issues we have made in the past. The time is coming to reveal Resurgence to you once again, in all it's new glory! Join us on the final weekend of this month to see how the game evolved since the last time you saw it!
Have a great summer and see you on the August 28th!

What's happening and so forth

It has been quite some time since the last announcement... we are indeed still alive and working hard.

As you may know, we've suffered from a major setback in December, but we're slowly going back on the right tracks. It may take some time to polish the rebuilded content, although it shouldn't take too much time. We are in fact preparing for a pretty sweet showcase event which will be announced as soon as we'll be sure the content is solid enough. To tease you a little bit, we're going to leave you with a 'lil render down below

Click to enlarge

Thank you for your attention, again if you like the game feel free to join our forums and share your thoughts and findings with the others! (yes, there is a lot of intel in these materials!)

Welcome to Black Phoenix Official

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