Aftermath: Source

Aftermath: Source

Requires Half-Life 2
Author: Tingtom
Release Date: 2 November 2012


Aftermath: Source (previously known as Zombie Survival) is a Half-Life 2 mod inspired by Call of Duty Zombies where players have to survive against waves of undead either solo or in coop.

The game features 7 playable maps, over a dozen of guns to kill the undead with aswell as some twists and turns such as the workbench system and combo bonuses. Gear up, bring your friends and put the dead back in their grave!

Install Instructions

Copy and paste “aftermath” folder to your Sourcemod directory (default “C:/Steam/steamapps/sourcemods”)


This mod requires the owner ship of Half-Life 2 and Source SDK 2013 Multiplayer

Additonal Credits

Half-dead – I2
Poho – Level Deisgn (Napalm)
Borf – Level Design (Condemned)
Madkeeler – Level Design (Harbor)
Jack of Black Phoenix – Level Design (Die Hard, Havoc)
InebratedSwan – Various models
Jason278, Mr. Charles – Player Models
Melombine – Running Zombies
Kopter – Additional weapon models
RantingRaven, GeekyJedi, zero1891, Polygraph, Butch Decko, Schaly – Voice Acting
Kevin MacLeod – Sound Effects