Brace yourself, Half-Life Arena is heading to new and exotic placed in its first content update!

Update 1.1 is just around the corner, and it brings 6 new maps (raising the total map count to 12) and 2 brand new weapons, alongside smaller changes and tweaks to make the game even more mad and intense. Let’s take a look!

Borderworld is an open arena set in an alien world, focusing on long-range engagements and sniping. Beware of the hostile fauna, it might complicate your life during combat – or even take it!

Finality is the second map set in the world of Xen. Use the low gravity and bounce pads to your advantage and get a jump on the enemy

Reactor is set around everyone’s most beloved yellow tube of science. Verticality is very prominent here as you will fight across multiple levels of this reactor core

Service is a tight and dark maintenance station buried in the depths of Black Mesa. Shotguns and automatic weapons will be your only friend here

Sub-Aquatic is centered around an aquatic tank where the alien creatures have been kept for research and exhibition. It’s a place of frantic action, squared by the amount of exotic weapons available at hand

Warehouse blatantly breaks the rules of “you should never have too many crates in your map”. Both inside and the outside of this cargo storage facility will be where the most hectic battles will take place

Aside from the six new maps, we’re also introducing 2 brand new weapons to the game! You may recognize the Spore Launcher, an alien creature that can spit out toxic spores acting as an exotic grenade launcher. On top of that, a brand new Automatic Shotgun is going to help you bring even more pain to the close-quarters combat.

Beside the new content, the update features a few additional tweaks and fixes to the game. Here’s the full changelog:

  • New Weapon: Auto Shotgun
  • New Weapon: Spore Launcher
  • New Map: Borderworld
  • New Map: Finality
  • New Map: Reactor
  • New Map: Service
  • New Map: Sub-Aquatic
  • New Map: Warehouse
  • Yard: Changed Crossbow ammo pickup for .762 Sniper Rifle ammo on the roof of the small tower
  • Intensity: Swapped Hivehand spawn with Spore Launcher
  • Tension: Players will now spawn with a Knife instead of a Crowbar
  • Tension: Fixed a small graphical bug near the red container with .357 Python
  • Reduced maximum amount of Frag Grenades a player can carry from 10 to 5
  • Raised maxplayers limit in Create Server dialog from 8 to 12. Default value remains at 8
  • Raised the max bot limit from 6 to 8

Thank you for engaging in the carnage and supporting the mod! To celebrate the release of 1.1 update, here’s a quick trailer just for you:

Half-Life Arena 1.1 is available now!

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