The Non-News

Hello there. Yes we’re still alive, against all odds. This year’s August update nearly didn’t come to fruition but it’s only fair for us to share with you what’s the state of the development at the moment, so let’s get straight to it. As you know, we’ve been planning a large community update for quite […]

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The next decade

Hello, and welcome to the new decade. Is this going to be the one where Resurgence is finally going to see the light of day? We shall find out… For the longest time we have been teasing a large update coming, and for those so are following us for an extended period of time will […]

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Inevitable of all kinds

Guten tag, we’re jumping straight to rather unsurprising and quite technical news today. This year’s August update is not going to be very exciting, as you may know we’ve been teasing a big update for the past 2 years. Originally, our hopes were to release it earlier in 2019, however as you can imagine things […]

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Another year means time for another yearly august update. We’ve got some important (and as per usual, bittersweet) announcements to share with you, so let’s jump straight to it. As we have talked over the history of Resurgence and its development last year, we used to have a habit of being overambitious which is why […]

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A look into the Past and a Glimpse into the Future

The journey related to the development of Resurgence has been long and it had many ups and downs. Today we invite you to take a trip a few years down the memory lane, explore some of its history, and possibly take a peek into the future of the project. Let’s begin! The very beginning of […]

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Ashes to Ashes, Phoenix from the Ashes

Hello, long time no see. It has been nearly two years since the last update regarding Resurgence, and a year a half since the last update overall. Today, we pass by to share some information with you regarding the past, present and the future of the series. Our last major update was Resurgence Reintroduction, back […]

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